Fall colors
Acer triflorum leaves
Acer triflorum bark
Acer triflorum
Three-flower Maple


General: A medium size specimen maple only growing 20' to 30' in height and spread. In an open space this tree will naturally develop a rounded crown.

Leaves: Trifoliate and opposite, they are bright green with red petioles and give the tree a light, airy appearance. The leaves turn a rich golden color in the fall. If you are mostly interested in fall color, you should choose your tree during that season as we have seen variation from tree to tree. Some have more of a reddish-orange hue than others.

Flowers: Inconspicuous in clusters of three, hence the name.

Fruit: Samara, wings are 1-1 1/4" long.

Bark: Older bark is an almost metallic golden color which exfoliates in long thin strips. Younger stems are darker with more grey and do not peel to the extent of the mature bark.


Growing Conditions: Prefers well-drained, moist soil and should be watered and fertilized properly as a young tree. Grows well in full sun.

Maintenance : No serious disease or insect problems to report or special pruning requirements.

Transplanting: Can be transplanted balled and burlapped in the spring and early fall. Avoid summer transplanting.

Zone 5 to 7.

Experience at Great Hill:
We see slight die back of new growth during unusually cold winters as we had in 2004 but the trees bounce back beautifully.

Acer triflorum has many attributes that make it an outstanding tree. It is a perfect size for the average yard and street tree. It has interesting features for most seasons - the bark and structure of the tree in the winter, the changing colors in the fall, and the beautiful green leaves and shape of the tree in the spring and summer that cast light shade.

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