School Programs

GHHF is now offering seasonal school programs for students in grades 4-11. These programs are meant to enrich classroom lessons using direct interaction with the subject matter. Each program is led by an experienced horticulturist/educator and is student centered; inquiry, exploration and discussion of plant science questions are the focuses.

  • Fall programs offered September through November and spring programs May through June
  • 2 hour programs from 10-12 PM, Tuesday through Thursday
  • Maximum of 15 students per group
  • Cost is $5.00 per student
  • To register call Justin at 603-929-1811 or email

Grades 4-6:

  • Exploring Seeds
  • Insects in the Garden
  • Trees: A Treasure Hunt
  • Measuring Trees
  • Flowers to Fruit
  • Trees: A Treasure Hunt
  • Measuring Trees
Grades 9-11:


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